Thursday, July 17, 2008

Prohibition Photo Gallery

Before the Bud Girls, There Was Just...Bud (would you buy a drink from this man?)
"I don't know nothin' 'bout runnin' likkah outta Canada. I'm just an importah of goods. Like them little maple candies."
Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout. A fox with a fun flask. They should have a "Prohibition Barbie" with a fun flask. Like an American Girl doll. Sort of."It ain't a "speakeasy," it's a supper club. Where's the supper? It's...coming." ("Speakeasy" derived from the need to speak softly about such a place in public or when ordering liquor inside it. They could have been called shhkeepitdowners, but that was seen as less catchy at the time. Go know.)
Early Prototype Party Girl--"Pour me another one!" spirit shining through the near-impenetrable force field of her mink burkha.
Oh, I beg to differ. Poor, dear Mr. Booze. Man, America looks like she's on the rag.
You bet they did.


cake said...

Yet another reason Canada is superior...we never had prohibition!

*waves flag*

Oooooo Canada...

Ishat's Fire said...

That's only because the same puritans did not settle there.

Anyhow, ever try to tell a the french they can't have wine?

Ishat wonders if she should move the wee ones over the boarder. They have lovely people and free wine. Or something like that. lovely wine and free people. Either way it works.

Serenity said...

Good words.

Anonymous said...

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